To the Grim Reapers of AW

Congratulations. Alliance wars is officially dead.
And hey, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I thought to myself - “sure, I’ll try them out before panicking” - hmm, who said that again? And boy oh boy was I wrong.

That’s it. Enough is enough.
No more improvements. No more additions. No more modifications.
Undo what you’ve done and give us back our playable game mode.:sob:
Get rid of these improvements now before everyone quits the game mode altogether.
The way I see it, this whole entire season is a throwaway. The scores from this season are all going to be so much lower than our previous seasons that this one simply won’t count towards most teams scores, even if you were to just revert your changes back to before season 3 started. The gear crafting system hasn’t been handled properly anyway, so I for one and more than happy to see you completely strip all the changes you’ve made in the last two weeks just so we can have our playable game mode back.

Get back to the drawing board and finish drawing. Stop giving us draft versions. The game was working and fun, so in future if you want to implement these “game changing features”, my suggestion, nay, my plea to HHG , try testing them in a closed beta first. I think this all could’ve been avoided if you’d just asked 6 teams to try them out in a beta and provide some basic feedback.

This has gotten out of hand.

Problem 1: stalemate. Need I say more?
Problem 2: size. Either the maps need to be bigger to the defensive zones smaller. Pick one.
Problem 3: improvements. They aren’t. Cost too high, effect too low.
Problem 4: scoring. Say goodbye to your big numbers. And bragging rights. We all know it’s just about the bragging rights.
Problem 5: interest. I’d easily say I was one of the more excited players when this mode was released, and have been ever since. You’ve absolutely killed that in me and I have no doubt many others.
Problem 6: lag. Lag. Lag. Lag. Lag. Lag. AND MORE FRAGGIN’ LAG.

Where’s my gold star for not swearing…

I think I’ve outlined everything, if there’s anything specific you want to mention, please do. I’ve started a new thread to make it purely an “AW season 3 negative impacts” page and not a general update discussion.

I want to put this to bed. Now is our chance to inform the devs if you’ve also had an experience like this. :v:


Hi, it is always lovely to see people within the community that are looking to improve gamemodes and who are enthusiastic towards the game, so thank you for taking your time to write this post and share your thoughts however before even reading your post I can say you need some pointers on interacting within the community.

  1. Please do not demand anyone to do anything because you say so, the game is far from unplayable you just need to adjust your play style admittedly even if it is vastly different from how it used to be and it may not 100% be an improvement it is still far from unplayable. Be thankful the game is still being developed and the devs are trying to make the game more fair for more.

  2. The scores are not that much lower than before, we are still averaging 500-600k points a war, making it no lower than the previous season. The crafting system I agree with you needs improvement but to say something that has just been released has been badly handled is disrespectful and ignorant; nothing can ever be fixed on the spot.

  3. Beta testing is a great idea I completely agree with you and I have brought this up before but as was told to me previously updates are prepared a good deal of time before they are released due to restrictions and approvals of updates being pushed to the public so beta testing would be pointless as such it would make releases even longer, wars longer and the gap between updates even longer. Time is money unfortunately as much as it is a good idea.

  4. Your points on map size, stalemate, and lag I can agree with and additionally random crashes when trying to open war channel or the map. Scoring however as I previously stated has remained barely touched, look at the top 30 you will see us and a lot of other alliances getting similar scores to last season. So unless this is an issue with the way your alliance is playing war or potentially in the lower brackets (it could be I don’t know as only play in the top bracket) than scoring is the same. Interest has potentially gone down but that is a result of the mode not being new anymore more so than the game mode not being fun.

Please try to remain constructive on the forums, you have made some excellent points which need expansion and discussion upon but your clear distaste and annoyance with the devs are shining through your words. That makes it unlikely that anybody will want to discuss said points as they want a discussion rather then an argument like so many forum posts turn into, of which leads to the devs turning a blind eye for obvious reasons. Please do reply to this and let’s talk about some changes you think would be best implemented how it can be done so without demanding the update be rolled back because that’s not an option so take what we have currently going forwards and make some pointers of which needs improvement :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post, Happy Hunting!

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Thankyou Gale for taking the time to respond. I truly do appreciate it.
And many things you have noticed about the way I communicate are correct. However, I disagree that the use of emphasis constitutes or amounts to demands. I’d like to respectfully address your points in order.

  1. These are not demands, just simply feedback with emphasis. I really thought I’d done my best to convey that inside my head I am on my hands and knees, begging the devs to stop jerking us around. The chat system gets worse and worse every update and yet they still throw untested content at us which only makes the problem worse. It may just be my opinion, but my opinion is that it does more harm than good, and it needs to stop.

  2. The scores are most definitely significantly lower than before. Trust me, (said nobody trustworthy ever, so I guess, trust math) but in all the other brackets - namely the ones who don’t have 100k team power to start with - it’s essentially impossible to hit a target successfully. Not when your best team is 70k and the first line of defence is 110k. So for the vast majority of us, it is just as good as unplayable. As for the gear crafting - it’s been well established in previous threads that the system is not user friendly, so why, instead of trying to patch over it, not just strip it back and start fresh. The lack of starting fresh is just piling the problems on. I don’t think that’s ignorant, I think that’s being ignored.

  3. Why can’t beta testing be done simultaneously to preparation? I’d be shocked if they weren’t prepared ahead of time, but what hurts the most is that not enough time is allowed for testing. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I think the best way to go about releasing new content is to make sure it’s been tested. And that I’m sure the community would be much happier to wait for content that’s been refined rather than constant distractions with new material. I think having to wait 2 months for an update instead of 1, for a final product to be released is far more satisfactory than waiting 6 months for the chat server issues to be addressed, all the while adding more content to the game that makes it perform worse.

  4. This issue extends well beyond the top 30. I’m very glad to hear that you still get to have fun at the top tier. I, however, am yet to even start grinding heronium. So that only makes me jealous of and annoyed at you.
    That’s supposed to be humorous.
    So can you see why there’s a clear distaste here?
    I am annoyed at the devs. that is my feedback. The feedback up until now, if you’ve ever come across a post of mine before, has been mostly a case of “come on devs, if you don’t get this sorted soon, I’m worried it’s gonna get annoying”
    Which has now naturally progressed to “ok guys this is officially annoying, if I feel like quitting now when I never did to begin with, there’s probably more out there”

I really try to keep my words constructive. But I also work in construction. And sometimes the only way to fix something is to level the field and start again. We must first deconstruct the raw materials if we ever intend to construct the final product. A breakdown of a situation is not necessarily deconstructive.

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Agreed, agreed, agreed. It’d probably be better as for leveling too, as I know alotta people still aren’t even at level 90 yet. Imagine when the level cap is 100; it’s gonna take more time, so longer updates wouldn’t hurt the players as much, as least, I think so anyway imo.

Good to know you don’t intend on bringing harm into the forum through aggressive tone, by the looks of your reply you are being constructive and that is what counts.

  1. I do agree the recent updates have been poorly received and with some good reasons why but unfortunately we cannot change what or what is not going to be in the updates only suggest through means such as this, I do agree with your opinion on it not being good for players but overall I would say they are positive majority even if it is 60% positive and 40% negative.

  2. Sad to hear scores are lower in the lower brackets so please forgive my blindness in that fact I don’t play in those brackets so am unaware of the delta between this season and last, I can only say for us the smaller maps have made it more difficult but scores haven’t changed by much it has more restricted us from gaining massive amounts through domination rather then hindered our average score.
    The gear crafting you have to remember isn’t even a month old yet, it will develop and change but it will have to wait until the next update, as we both well know. The UI will likely not get an overall but an update to make it more understandable to use with hopefully the option to craft items in mass amounts, alongside this note I am hoping the cost of war coins goes down significantly as well.

  3. Beta testing is a tough one to crack, being an app developer myself I know it can be tough to try and manage testing, reports and getting the updates out on time. I am not a developer at HHG however so I cannot speak for them in why they don’t do pre-release updates other then it is expensive and they don’t have the time. You raise an interesting point about slowing down update releases as well but unfortunately regardless of what HHG do they will have people with pitchforks against them, maybe running a poll for everyone to vote on would work but they can’t appease the many and I would believe the fear of players leaving because of the long wait between new content would overlap the fear of bugs being an issue.

  4. Yeah I completely understand your point of view, I’ve been playing near the top and with the top for a while now so it can be tough (btw it gets more fun when you can use heronium and maxed heroes :wink: )
    If your feedback is you’re annoyed at the devs with those points then that’s respectable, I understand your distaste and annoyance but know that even when it may not seem like it every bit of feedback is read and listened to :slight_smile:

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The last war was good, but this one is not really playable … As you say. Arrived at a party of the defense sector of more than 200k of power are installed so you can have all the bonuses you will not pass, so the game is blocked at this level

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We are in the same boat, we have 2/5 of centre and our ground with minor skirmishes on either side on the like 3 sectors that aren’t covered by either our base boost or their base boost, the defense bonus radius needs to drop or the map sizes need to increase

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Thankyou. It is never my intention to do harm, but I am guilty of being somewhat ruthless in my endeavour to outline and problem solve (what I find to be) harmful material. Whether it be individual gameplay, simple misinformation, or even overall game direction, I do tend to be recieved with an amount of “toxicity” or “aggression”.

Thankyou for understanding that I’m just passionate and enthusiastic. I do hope to continue playing the game long enough to see the same end game content that you do, and I most certainly hope to continue being able to provide this sometimes overly animated feedback until such time.

Hopefully now I will be a little bit more relatable, hopefully my own character will become an asset and not a hindrance. :blush:

Enthusiastic members of the community such as yourself keep the community alive, but sometimes that can lead to a misunderstanding between what you’re trying to say in a good way and it coming across as aggressive haha I know as I suffer the same problem as you, I love the game and the community I just have to draw back what I am saying sometimes as people either don’t have the extensive knowledge I do or are just uninformed sometimes, so best to always take a positive and constructive point of view whenever sharing :slight_smile:

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