Anniversary Update Sneak Peek 2: EXTREME Mode

Our second Sneak Peek leading up to the release of our version 3.0 Anniversary Update is a big one! Get ready to go Extreme!

NOTE: Screenshots are for reference. All values and Fragment locations are subject to change.

Introducing Extreme Mode

Extreme Mode is our newest difficulty setting, taking its place alongside Normal and Hard Mode. You’ll need fully-upgraded Heroes to take on this challenge!

With the launch of our Anniversary Update, players who have progressed far enough in Hard Mode will be given access to Extreme. Only District 1 will be available at first, with more Districts coming in the future.

To celebrate the release of Extreme Mode, we’ll be raising the Team Level cap to 100! Now, all of your Heroes can reach that magic, round, wonderful number you’ve been asking for!

Extreme Details!

  • Extreme Mode unlocks once you’ve completed Hard Mode, District 2, Mission 5.

  • Extreme Mode will launch with District 1 available, with more Districts added in the future.

  • New Achievements for completing each Extreme District will be added, as well as Achievements for reaching Team Level 95 and 100.

  • Extreme Mode offers another source of Hero Fragments, using the same Reset and Daily Wins system as Hard Mode, but with its own set of Daily Wins and Hero Fragment locations.

  • Stamina cost is 20 per mission.

  • Extreme Mode is the only place to earn new, Special Gear items!

Wait… Special Gear Items?!

Whoops! We’ve said too much. Come back for the full Anniversary Update Notes next week for more on that big reveal! In the meantime, we have two new Heroes to announce, so be here Thursday Feb 13th and Friday Feb 14th for those reveals!


It’s time to face Kurtz when he’s serious now, He will destroy all of us now

Awesome! I’m super excited now!

yeee extreme mode.
something I’ll never be able to complete yeee


So glad me and Pesto suggested this months ago! Hopefully this incorporates the newer heroes that aren’t in the game campaign as well. Hoping the rewards will be good

Level 100 announced but no news on the next promotion hmmmm. I wonder why


More opportunities for frags is always a good move, plus, nice upgrade to lv. 100. Great update!

(Also, maybe gilded crate hero frags will be available in Extreme?)


New mode…broken dreams :cry:

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@Skathi I know it may be a lot to ask but this seems like such a monumental update, would it be possible to get a update patch notes in the form of a Changelog so a bullet list of changes and new additions, as I am going to have to edit a bunch of stuff for the Guide with all these new changes, would be very helpful thank you :heart:

There’ll be the regular update note we produce, which will include all of the announcements. Up to you to make what you need from that!


I’m super excited to see what comes after platinum 5 bar. Got 13 heros 5 bar atm, and 20 plus more at 4 bar.

Will the pvp division 5 achievement be fixed? Only curious btw

Extreme Mode … BRING IT ON … I don’t have any fully upgraded heroes yet but this update is fantastic with new skins and 2 new heroes . @Bootboy1488 They got to fix that bug now , it’s been reported a lot of times to the support and with this big update it provides them the opportunity to fix it or remove it .

Who doesn’t love another way to make everyone spend more just to be relevant? Meanwhile other alliances just force their alt alliances to give up their entire map just so they can win alliance wars… and let’s see how long devs take to remove this because it’s critical of their game! Andddd go!


I’m excited and sad at the same time …,.,excited because pow finally level up hehehehehe it’s sad because I already imagine the fight to reach the nv100 because I saw how long it took me to get to where I am they could help us by increasing the free stamines act patience

I’m sorry to hear you’re not having fun with the game, Anthony. If you want to provide some constructive, calmly-worded criticism, I’ll forward it to the rest of the team for review.

For review: IMPORTANT: Read before submitting feedback


Thanks devs!! Get hype


I’m gonna he so happy if they add something after platinum, my pris is already maxed out for like 400 days and I just want to start upgrading again, and level cap 100 means also that we can get that last thing, I’m finishing my mk6 core

As a development team, do you genuinely not think it alarming that in alliance wars, an alliance can form alt alliances and get them to use all their attacks to give up all their territories to them? This eliminates the entire concept of teams battling against each other, and instead comes down to which teams get put on the same maps as their secondary (or third, or fourth, or fifth) alliances.
I would name names but I’m concerned that would break some of the forum rules.
Just spitballing here, but maybe instead of 6 alliances fighting each other (and with no way of controlling who will “sacrifice” their tiles) you could put 3 randomly assigned alliances to fight together as a team against 3 other randomly assigned alliances? That way there is no way for an alliance to just throw the war without the consent and effort of at least 2 other alliances?


I’m not sure you read the whole article I linked you. Please do, as it will help you give more usable feedback in the future.

Let’s focus on the feeling, and less on proposed solutions, because as the article illustrates, what you’re feeling and experiencing is what’s most important for us. What I’m getting is that it makes you feel frustrated and inspires hopelessness when other players form truces and expand to alt Alliances to form truces. Is that accurate?


Another campaign… Hoo boy.

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