Too few Bounty targets

I report the same problem as two weeks ago and four weeks ago. With the start of Bounty there are simply too few targets. Playing single quick win tickets isn’t enough either. Challenges and PvP hardly bring any targets, especially since challenges are not infinite. Partly, if many from the Alli are ON, then there are 10 goals. Then is it suddenly empty. Sometimes I have fully loaded all the heroes and no possibility to hunt a target. I already ask myself what this is supposed to do. Bounty is the main event of the game and in my alliance many are now frustrated. Hothead wants to earn money, that’s OK. BUT it can’t be that we can only play Bounty partially if we use bounty money! Sorry, but this calculation doesn’t work. More and more players give up the game - uninstall the app. Messages that there are too few targets are simply ignored, at least the impression is created. Maybe the support can explain on this topic.

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