Are you crazy?

Are you developers crazy? This current bounty event we have 16 bounties demanding the new hero out of 20. We have a few players who have Harbinger so we can’t hunt properly.

This never happend before.

Are you developers out of money? So do we!

Please let us play!!


If it was a low level alliance I would sympathize, but you’re in 73rd place. Just being honest.

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Muninn said this on a similar post.


What J_A_D_O said. Which is what I said.

Also: your Alliance has been playing pretty hard, and you’ve exhausted all of your other Bounties, leaving only these left. It’s not that you only got a bag with brown M&M’s; you and your friends ate all the other colors.

I’ve had another developer check the tuning. Everything is working correctly. And no, we aren’t crazy. Thanks!


We can’t hunt Harbinger just because we just don’t have her.

We are used to be at top 25. We didn’t change anything. So the game did. We have never seen so much bounties requesting the new hero.

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Based off of what you’ve said in your posts above, the problem isn’t the required hero bounty drop rates, it’s the fact the only 1 of your alliance members has the required hero, Harbinger.

Therefore, the drop rate of those bounties are the same, they are just piling up because your alliance doesn’t have enough people to kill them all.

So… if, say for example, 7 people in your alliance had Harbinger, then those bounties would be killed a lot quicker and wouldn’t be piling up.


“We have only one player who has Harbinger so we can’t hunt properly.”

This is not true. Your current alliance has 7 members with Harbinger in their respective rosters.
I think cooperation between your fellow members is the key.

Don’t know about how many of ur guys have featured hero… But, I also noticed frequency bounties (which requires featured heroes) have been increased…so, it’s 50-50…

Good for some alliances & Not good for some alliances.


I noticed the same thing. I can vouch for it as I have summoned lot of Bounties this time and many of them required the new Hero Harbinger. Don’t want to complain but maybe the Algorithm was tweaked slightly.


4 sure(bruh,20 words)

Finally! Someone who undestands me.

Am not talking about elements but about bonties requesting the new heroe. The devs increased it.

I can confirm after a thorough code check that nothing was changed for this Bounty event.

This is an example of probability doing what it does, I’m afraid.


It seems like probability always do some conspiracy in every bounty.

In each & every bounty.

I just want to say one thing - the M&M analogy might be the best thing I’ve ever read on here!


In this bounty, I have seen a bunch of bonus silver bounties are popping up & harbinger required which is the first time since I have started playing this game. This includes bounty bougt and money spent for summons shouldn’t be weak silver or gold bounties. 100k for a silver bounty :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:.

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Nice tweek. More weak heros than before. so that we exhausted our heros lives faster… good business for selling Us more energy package. I learn more business than gaming here, lol.

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Nothing was changed. :wink:

The bounties requesting Harbinger appeared in a normal amount today. Maybe it was a question of probability really.

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