Unlucky users

Well I’m so unlucky I created a post about how annoying the new skin upgrade is… Will save your time and give a summary…

Summary only green skins and 8 hero dust … I find that this is rather unfair when I see persons with nightingale and several other blue skins who have pulled way less times than I have…

Shout out to the other guys out there feeling my burn here

Random gonna be random.
They’ll soon release more skins, your luck will come. That dust you got saved up might buy you the next legendary skin in an instant.

If I had a dollar for every time I duped my Butter and Cross skins… lemme tell ya’ :roll_eyes: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

As for heroes: Surge… Again.
Only character I have at 8* without even trying to chase his fragments. They just pop up. So sick of that face popping up from whatever crate I’m opening. I don’t like Surge at all.

Lol imagine more green skins to get…

I went to a similar surge and butters situation what I did
max Their skills level make the game think that I care about him
the more you focus on a pacific hero it seems to be the less I get fragments for that one I upgraded surge he like my fifth most powerful player don’t use him at all
whatever algorithm the system uses For me it seems like they give me fragments when I buy crates for heroes I don’t use
trying to max heros skills to your team level and what u don’t want and you might not have to deal with anymor
in most campaign matches in general whatever hero you have in the first Slot takes the brunt of the attack Whether you’re in control or computer bot So I never put my best hero in the first slot
So what I’m getting at there’s ways around the system

I kept getting mandrake’s. Hahahaha

I know the feeling. I also kept getting common skins and common skin repeats. For hero crates, I was also having fragments of unlocked and unused heros. It would be nice they could give one of the unlocked hero in 10x or maybe 20x (if they would make one) crates. I don’t open hero or skin crates now because they really hurt my feeling.

My surge is only 100 fragments short for 9 stars. I use him only for the patrols. He kept popping up in my crates too.

Opened 15 skin crates thus far. First 14 are all commons, 6 dupes. Then the 15th is Night.

The thing about skins crates is that they are all RNG, no pity system or anything for people who open 100 common dupes or anything, which is disheartening compared to hero crate systems (tiered crates, guaranteed 5*, etc). So I could easily be one of you who got 15 green dupes and get rolled over by those who got good skins.

I believe this can be relieved either by raising the duplicate skin dust to yield, or just fill up a meter for rare/legendary skins whenever you open a crate to build towards a good skin.

There’s also two ‘common’ heroes that pop up way too frequently in my crates for me like your Surge, Scum (for 3*) and Heckler (5*, no complains).

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