Exclusive items SHOULD NOT be purely based on rng!

These new hero skins…The process of obtaining them is painful to say the least. I think that these exclusive skin crates should be tiered crates where each tier costs more tokens and the final tier grants the skin then tiers repeat like tiered hero crates. This way we would still need to do our co ops religiously but would actually eventually get the skin. Making certain heroes always avalible but hard to get makes sense. Making certain skins in the skin token crate also makes sense. Why? Because they are always around. They are hard to obtain but not unreasonable because they arent exclusive.

Yes this post is partly out of rage and annoyance that once again i am skinless after religiously doing co ops plus putting in gold but it is also meant to suggest a reasonable remedy to this ridiculous new skin system. Either this or implement a system to take gear off heroes tocput to better use on others so i can give the middle finger to klayton and 4cep…

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It would be nice if everything in the game could be free and easy to obtain, but unfortunately, things are the way they are for a reason. Keep trying! There’s always a chance.

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But the problem is even after using all tokens you’re not guaranteed the skin. Usually exclusive items like these in other games are obtained from being first in a tournament or paying money. Hopefully missed skins can be obtained later in a scavenger hunt store which kinda happened, but I wish that exclusive skins are a luck thing. No matter how hard you work or try there’s still the chance you won’t get it.

That can be frustrating. I agree. Don’t give up!

They rereleased some during the holiday event. You’ll still get a chance I’m sure in the future to get them. I’ve got them all but the heck one. Which really sucks cause it effects my top 5

So is there a reason why everycskin event people 9n discord are all like “i got it after like 5 crates” and my trade partner always gets his after a few crates then gets duplicates a few more times then i cant even pull it once…This is a reoccuring thing woth every single skin!

Do i need wifi to be eligible for the grand prize? Doci need to be vip for boosted rates? Does my account have some kind of curse on it? WTF?

Yah but only some… Would still like to know that eventually they’ll re-release the skins in stores than thinking I lost them forever

It’s easy, if a game gets frustrating (which shouldnt be), just take a break or quit the game altogether

They’ve said before that they will return and they’ve done it already with some skins like Carabina’s and Xianjiu’s. It’s just a matter of when.

I did miss carabina skin, but got every other after that. Few ppl from my team missed this skin and some others me including got it 2 or 3 times. But anyway theyll offer it later eventually you didnt lose much

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oh no. More new skins with crate tokens incoming…guess id better save up my gold.

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