Upcoming events (27.06 - July 3)

Hello Heroes!

Let’s see what next week has in store for us. Here’s a :strawberry: while you read.

War Season 39
June 27 - July 1

Wrath Solo Raid
June 27 - July 1

Solo PVP Blitz!
June 28 - June 30

PVP Tournament: Valkyrie and Voltage!
June 28 - June 30

The Fallen Co-op Raid
June 30 - July 7

Bounty Event
July 1 - July 4

Valkyrie and Voltage Bounty Blitz!
July 1 - July 4

See you in-game!


Will we have any July 4th event? Like a patriotic brawl or something?

Edit; the :strawberry: was delicious

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Sounds good… but where is gilded token event? When come?

Increase bounties 20 to 25-30… and decrease cost of bucks for summoning bounties

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No new players are here. Old players leaving. You guys are sleeping. People are boring from daily quest same thing everyday. You guys not give us one click reward collector.

This game based on days. Make this on hours. Who give years for reach level 100. Same thing everyday quest complete. Solo raid. No new PvP. Everything is old. You guys give just new hero everytime. Nothing new (PvP, events, gold farming for 95-100) war reward gives 10-12 heroes token which is less than Bounty.

I appreciate you spending your time to share some feedback with us. However, coud you please give us a bit more specific input, so we know what to take into account and what to change? Thanks in advance.

The game takes time, in fact it’s just that that makes it fun, there’s always something new to do, add a bar to a hero, add stars to the new hero, ect; if it was easy to complete yall would be complaining for more to do,

And some people are; the level cap may need to be raised to 110

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