Upcoming Events (Dec 18 - Dec 25)

Hello Hunters!

Now that Raven is here and gradually joining our rosters, why don’t we get his rare skin too and continue with the festive mood next week?

War Season
Dec 18 - Dec 22

“Solitary” Solo Raid
Dec 18 - Dec 22

“Ambush” Ethereal Raid
Dec 19 - Dec 22

Solo PVP Blitz!
Dec 19 - Dec 21

Tournament: Raven and S.O.M.A.
Dec 19 - Dec 21

“Ghost” Co-Op Raid
Dec 21 - Dec 28

Bounty Event
Dec 22 - Dec 25

Raven and S.O.M.A. Bounty Blitz!
Dec 22 - Dec 25

Min’s Danger Simulator: A very Savage X-Mas
Dec 23 - Jan 6


See you there!


Thank you so much for making Min’s danger simulator! That was a real fun challenge and a very generous Holiday treat.

I loved the theme, Min’s quirky sense of humour and the general Gauntlet style of challenge. Having another go at interesting enemy combo’s through a VR Sim was a nostalgic romp.


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