Upcoming Events (July 31 - Aug 7)

Hello Hunters!

Ready to try out the new PVP event? It’s coming right away next week!

“Tireless” Solo Raid
July 31 - Aug 4

War Season
July 31 - Aug 4

Solo PVP Blitz!
Aug 1 - Aug 3

Tournament: Disarray + Ravager
Aug 1 - Aug 3

“Pathfinder” Co-Op Raid
Aug 3 - Aug 10

Bounty Event
Aug 4 - Aug 7

Disarray and Ravager Bounty Blitz!
Aug 4 - Aug 7

Sharpshooters War
Aug 5 - Aug 6

See you in-game!


Pvp and bounty at the same time?

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I know it might not be the most optimal timing for you guys, but unfortunately, there was no other timeframe it could have been scheduled for from what the team told me.


What crate will it be this week?
(Nvm the mech crate came out)

@Deca_Willow big thumbs up on this new sharpshooter pvp. It actually requires skills vs people sandbagging or running meta.


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