Upcoming Events (July 3 - July 10)

Hello Hunters!

I hope you’re all already enjoying the update and having fun experimenting after the recent changes!

Now, back to business as usual, next week’s events:

“Relentless” Solo Raid
July 3 - July 7

War Season
July 3 - July 7

Min’s Danger Simulator: Community Clash Special!
July 4 - July 10

Solo PVP Blitz!
July 4 - July 6

Tournament: Ravager and Illuminar
July 4 - July 6

“Void Fury” Co-Op Raid
July 6 - July 13

Bounty Event
July 7 - July 10

Ravager and Illuminar Bounty Blitz!
July 7 - July 10

Crate: Rearline

See you there!


People gonna get salty after that last sentence from the first part hehe

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@Deca_Willow did i miss the announcement on the mythic skin inside the void fury co-op?

there is no mythic skin this time

That sucks, that’s exactly what I was coming to find out.

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