Upcoming Events (July 4 - July 10)

Hello Hunters!

Let’s see what next week has in store for us. Here’s a slice of :pizza: while you read.

Retribution Co-op Raid
July 4 - July 8

War Season 39
July 4 - July 8

Brawl: Elemental Wars
July 4 - July 5

Co-op PVP Blitz!
July 5 - July 7

PVP Tournament: Valkyrie and Verrill
July 5 - July 7

Heimlock Guaranteed Blitz!
July 7 - July 14

Helios Descends Co-op Raid
July 8 - July 22

Alliance Victory Blitz!
July 8 - July 11

Brawl: Faction Fight with Unaffiliated and Shoremen
July 8 - July 11

See you in-game!


I like the poster! (Casually eats :pizza:)

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Same as like your answer

Didn’t see the hemilock event, pretty cool to see a 5 star, but I was personally hoping for a different biochem, specificly one who isn’t obtainable in any way whatsoever at the moment… (COUGH COGUH serial, COOOUUGHHH)

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Here’s a glass of milk to help with that cough. :milk_glass: :grin:

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