Upcoming Events (Nov 14 - Nov 21)

Hello Hunters!

It’s Friday! You all know what that means - the event schedule for next week is here!

Parasite Solo Raid
November 14 - November 18

War Season
November 14 - November 18

Solo PVP Blitz!
November 15 - November 17

Tournament: Enigma and Eruin
November 15 - November 17

Abholos Co-op Raid
November 17 - November 24

Bounty Event
November 18 - November 21

Enigma and Eruin Bounty Blitz!
November 18 - November 21

See you in-game!


Pour le premier tournoi PvP de ENIGMA y a un bug pas de classement beau travail DECA pour cet MAJ et merci de penser à régler le problème avant la chasse

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Hello! We are aware of this and the team is already on the case! Thank you for letting us know!


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