Upcoming Events (Nov 28 - Dec 5)

Hello Hunters!

December is coming soon and it’s time to get all warmed up and cozy. :coffee:
So grab your blanket or your favorite sweater and a cup of hot chocolate and let’s check out next week’s events:

Leech Solo Raid
November 28 - December 2

War Season
November 28 - December 2

Solo PVP Blitz!
November 29 - December 1

Tournament: Enigma and Cinder
November 29 - December 1

Phalanx Guaranteed Blitz!
November 30 - December 7

Bounty Event
December 2 - December 5

Enigma and Eruin Bounty Blitz!
December 2 - December 5

Did you finish your cup of hot choc already? Then time for a second one and see you in-game!

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