Upcoming Events (Oct 17 - Oct 21)

Hello Hunters!

S for Schedule. :spiral_calendar: Check out next week’s events now.

Durable Solo Raid
October 17 - October 21

War Season
October 17 - October 21

Solo PVP Blitz!
October 18 - October 20

PVP Tournament: Eruin and Cyber
October 18 - October 20

Elderly Coop Raid
October 20 - October 27

Eruin and Cyber Bounty Blitz!
October 21 - October 24

Bounty Event
October 21 - October 24

See you in-game!


thanks deca for the skins, but the mythical skin of Mk2 needs to be placed

deca friends thanks for the halloween event, but you forgot to put a skin of a barrel or legendary Mk2 to make the search for the pumpkins very interesting

they didnt forget. there is no skin this time for the hunt. you have a chance to get the Heckler skin from the previous hunt. but the prize at the end is a portrait.

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