Upcoming Events (Oct 9 - Oct 16)

Hello Hunters!

Let’s ride the waves and become legends of the sea next week!

“Brilliant” Solo Raid
Oct 9 - Oct 13

War Season
Oct 9 - Oct 13

Solo PVP Blitz!
Oct 10 - Oct 12

Tournament: Dias and Harbinger
Oct 10 - Oct 12

“The Legend of the Sea” Co-Op Raid
Oct 11 - Oct 14

Bounty Event
Oct 13 - Oct 16

Dias and Lwa Bounty Blitz!
Oct 13 - Oct 16

Get some rearlines in the meantime!

See you in-game!


What’s up with Halloween scavenger hunt though?

You’ll see it implemented into the game with a new Halloween themed skin next update.

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