Upcoming Events (Oct 23 - Oct 30)

Hello Hunters!

Let the spooky mood go on in full force! In the meantime though, why don’t we also grab Altera’s rare skin?

“Protective” Solo Raid
Oct 23 - Oct 27

War Season
Oct 23 - Oct 27

Solo PVP Blitz!
Oct 24 - Oct 26

Tournament: Altera and Dias
Oct 24 - Oct 26

“Golden Fury” Co-Op Raid
Oct 26 - Nov 2

Bounty Event
Oct 27 - Oct 30

Altera and Dias Bounty Blitz!
Oct 27 - Oct 30

“Ambush” Ethereal Raid
Oct 27 - Oct 30

Next week, your heroes will be mid…line.

See you in-game!


it would be nice if we had once a community tournament

Hey guys quick question do u receive loyalty coins for each account after 30 days

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