Update Equipment Drop Rates

Equipment collection is necessary and is unnecessarily overlooked creating issues that should get attention and get addressed like early in this current update.

  1. Some items are terrible to try to collect because the drop rates are 1-7 or 1-10 or worse easily unnecessarily consuming needful stamina.
  2. That said as an alternative to trying to get certain same items you can turn to the silver crate which now consumes a lot on in game cash as well for the same drop-rate issue.
  3. Some equipment items only have let’s say 1 map to get the equipment from and with the drop-rates so bad it is inevitable you won’t leave with what you came for.

As such it’s clear that Some items are hit and miss sure we can expect that from randomness but certain items are set /programmed to a higher proportionate ratio which compounds the problem when an equipment piece is only located on one location.

For feedback can you please address the issue to the uniformity of the drop-rate delivery system to align the need and expectancy of drops to a more cohesive return across the board.

To illustrate

Some green items have 1 map. Silver and gold may have several. Some plat has several.
There’s no disparity among these as they all consume stamina with horrible drop rates.

Conversely some green silver gold and platinum equipment are pretty proportionate with hit to misses and are much better to acquire but they still consume more stamina so the burden to do this is still with us to deal with as we run out. Now try one of the items above and you’re done with nothing gained at all.

Do you have plans to address and improve this disproportionate issue?



is true the cup of falling objects is horrible, in this last update should have fixed this issue I spend so much energy to just raise a character’s rank … fix that theme please …

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