Drop Rate!

The drop rate is pure garbage!! I want to know who’s the guy that did that! This game is becoming/became pay to win game

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Try playing hard campaign missions. Their drop rates were always a bit higher, and it doesn’t look like they were touched when they halved the normal campaign drops.

Tried both modes. Still drop rate is very low

You people need to stop complaining, The crafting system is fair with the decrease of material needed to craft but they need to lower the rate of drops.


Completely, 110%, agree with @Yosai . That said, the idea that players would downplay positive changes while lasering in on negative changes, was probably something that the devs should have anticipated. Colour me naive but I think it would have helped to inform players really ought to have sent a message in the game saying “We have done X and done Y. Mathematically, the average user is better off with the new system and it feeds into our overall goal of Z. Thanks!”
Numbers would also help in this sort of situation… even if you want to keep drop rates secret, at least the change, in relative terms, could have been expressed. Eg, let’s say the drop rate moved from 30% to 10% but the devs would prefer this wasn’t public, then say “the rate is now 1/3 of the previous rate”.

@Yosai no the crafting system is not fair. Not even close now. Here is one example of how it isn’t fair and balanced. Before update it would take roughly 450-500 stamina to get 10 plat items. Since the update it takes about 650-700 stamina to get 6 of the same item. Yes the requirements are lower but the drop rates are much lower as well and it doesn’t balance out the drop rate problem that was there before, and is still there after, the update. But all is not a loss, I have enough exp to take 7 or 8 hero’s from level 1 to 75.

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You should stop making up numbers. You needed 300 stamina to get 10 if you were unlucky. Now you need about 250 for six.

Even if we take your numbers you still need less energy. 450-500 multiplikated with 4, since you needed 40 before, are 1800-2000 stamina needed. Not you need 14. So you have to multiply ist with 2,5. So you need 1625-1750, even a bit less, since you now have 15 platinum items.

How is its worse now?

It’s pretty simple.
The amount of materials needed for an upgrade decreased, whereas the drop rate for the materials also decreased.
It simply means that the devs are putting a higher value for these materials. There are some specific items that really reeled down from okay to impossible to grind without spending about 200 energy just to complete a set.

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Its true that they have reduced the drop rate of crafting materials but what i observed during promoting my heroes to gold is ‘You will promote your heroes more rapidly than before’.

Spot on. I think the goal is to encourage more resources being spent at the black market, alliance, gauntlet, and heronium stores. Its actually very nice for us so staminia isnt considered super precious and nice for them as it will slightly slow down frag farming (gauntlet and heronium) and increase some gold spent at the black market for key items.

This change is very smart on devs part to make it a win-win for both of us. I’m all for it.

Well considering I just used 230 stamina and got 2 items. I’d say those numbers are pretty much right on

Even if they are for you, the experience seems to differ very much, because many have the same drop rate as me, but here in the forum most seem to have yours. I do not want to call you a lyer, it is just that I am really confused because of that.

But with your drop rates, you still upgrade faster than before, so no need to complain.

Cyrus this could just be one run of back luck. We all get them. If this happens 10x in a row, then you can start to analyze data. One run like this is likely not enough data to go on, but it does tend to support the theory. Let us know how more runs go.

with the drop rates now, it’s the first time i’m getting 0 items for each 10 quick wins. haha.

Drop Rate is garbage! End of story.

I prefer the grinding of extra items over this new system they are pushing out but overall this new system is faster, spend some gauntlets or alliance points into leveling your character up a lot quicker or pray that the RNG’s is on your side. I believe they should have it so if you fail (x) amount of times in a row on the same challenge they should forcefully give you the all pieces for that level.

So I have created almost 5 or 6 plats since the update(8 days ago), seriously what are you guys doing to not see the benefits?

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Thank you. All of this complaining honestly boggles my mind. Yes drop rates are much worse, but overall, upgrade speed had a MASSIVE net-positive.

Anyone that doesn’t understand that is either playing a different game or intellectually bankrupt.

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Still don’t see how people cant understand the ratio difference between the new and old requirements.

The old requirements were 40 platinum parts and we now need 14.
It you simplify that down, getting 3 to 4 items now is the equivalent of getting 10 items before hand. So the times where you would do 10 quick wins and get like 4 items BEFORE this patch, an equal amount now would be 1 item in the same amount of quick wins. Of course 4>1 but when you compare it to how it used to be, they are equal. So next time you get 0 or only 1, you would be making as much progress as if you were to get 3 or 4 items before the update. I actually had a 10 quick win today for platinum grenade belt parts where I got 4 items. That would be like getting 16 for 10 quick wins, which would be insane before this patch.

So now we look at the stores. Since most did not change the price or quantity, these items have now DRASTICALLY increased in value when you buy them. Before and after the update you can buy 5 gold throwing stars for the same price. In this patch, they reduced the amount needed to craft from 20 down to 6. So still looking at ratios, 3 stars now is the equivalent of getting 10 stars before. Now, buying 5 stars from the gauntlet store would be the same as buying 15 BEFORE THE PATCH FOR THE SAME PRICE. That’s a HUGE gain for everyone.

This is my experience as well. I had 10 heroes plat before the update. In a little over a week’s time I have 3 more, and one of which was Min who I took from bronze to plat in that time. I also have several gold, and got several platinum bars for Dog, Night, and Panzer.

The new system is MUCH faster. The drop rate is lower, but it’s evened out by requiring less equipment. They didn’t touch the cost of treasure in any stores so it’s more beneficial to spend currency there and get equipment. Same with raids, items still drop at the same rate despite leveling up requiring less. I went from constantly having to use sta trying to get cannisters to being able to craft this piece of gear for a ton of my heroes just with what I had on hand.

Also, if you had any sort of stock pile of gear when the change went in you had yet another advantage. They could have easily reduced gear in everyone’s inventory by 2/3 to account for crafting requiring less, but didn’t.

I get it’s frustrating spending 200+ sta and only getting a few pieces of gear, but overall it is much quicker than it was the old way. The only way you MIGHT think it’s worse is if you don’t do any raids, don’t buy any gear from stores, and only use sta to get gear. Why you would do that is beyond me though.