Verril or Serial

Which is the better hero with a rapid fire ability?

Serial gun says rate of fire is 6.72 rounds per second. but with the silver, it boosts it by 60%

Verril gun says 3.58 rounds per second. but with the silver, boosts it by 66%

tl;dr, answer is Verril.

I like Serial better, you can actually chose to save the ability and not waste it unlike Verril who automatically wastes his ability

If we’re talking which of the two is ‘better’
Then to me it would be Serial by far. Serial is simply useful at every level, and has to be the best scaling hero with how much more important and potent his abilities become. His ruby skill is one of the highest, and along with the mythic skin and it’s crit boost and all i find him to have absurdly good and consistent damage. And the crit chance make him a monster because emptying not even 1 magazine, if they survive they are beyond useless. He also acts as a tank that cannot get punished for taunting plus his silver being a super strong burst of damage.
Whereas Verrill is quite litteraly all about his silver, which is just pure damage. However i give Verrills bronze credit for being an amazing tool for staggers and weakening or finishing enemies
If we are working with a ‘best’ hero, and giving it the most logical determination, then Serial is ‘the’ best hero

As concluded above, serial is “the” Best hero with multiple perspective, verril is easy to get and i bet a lotta people got him already… The question is, how to get serial, ik he was some kinda exclusive event hero but still he should be available at some good events like new year…

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