How should serial be available? (Polls)

How should serial be obtainable if made available? 

(I’m curious as to how the majority of you all feel about this)

Serial is known for having a really high amount of DPS at ruby, as well as having a really powerful shield ability!
Keep in mind that this hero is a 7 star hero and is supposed to be rare. So how should he be obtainable while still being rare?

  • Frags available through war (like previously / the way fiber is now)
  • Frags available through bounty, more frags the higher the tier
  • Frags should be available through stores
  • He should be obtainable through crates
  • His frags should be earned
  • other (I suggest you leave a comment with your idea :grin::+1:)

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Should he remain obtainable the same was as it it currently or should it change?

  • He should be obtainable only by his crate that randomly shows up in stores.
  • He should be obtainable in other ways (all crates, stores, etc.)
  • He should be earned, such as the way fiber is earned by collecting frags during war

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Earn earn and earn. He is a rare hero, one of its kind and neccesary for progression for higher levels. And thus i think earning through war gives a player a reason to participate and stay active on this game. You also don’t make it too easy

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Yep, he gotta he earned in some way. Only makes sense, but I feel like putting him along with fiber in war rewards doesn’t really fit. Either way the process of earning the hero is something everyone should go through. Pays off in the end really, especially it being a fun experience in the end.

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