Very funny Moment

Well, i am usuelly top 200 in Pvp tournaments, would say that i am quit a good Player, with i guess: 90% winrate.
I Need to Share what Happend Minuten ago…
I m still Rolling on Floor laughing :slight_smile:
Had Not a Clue of a Chance:

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Ahahhaha:-) i can do that as well… rofl…
Maybe should setup that Players Need to,pick 5 Players :wink:

Still loving this Game;-)

Holy 5 spam posts in a row batman! Surely this could have been compacted into a single post.

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Anyone else noticed that theres 5 in the top 100 utilizing this strategy.

Hi Dunedien… This has been discussed in the forum, maybe you’ve missed it.
I complain bout this… but there’s no response…
And now instead of complaining, we give applause to who invented this…
Yeayy!!! I can do this too…

I couldn’t even scratch his Jeager. It was more like a tickle lol

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Sorry, yes i Missed that Discusion.
In total i guess i won with Cast yeager combo 15-20 Games. Before Cast was heartless. Yeager Fischer too.
I dont like that to be honest. But hey. This is a Huge advantage using this 2 hero combo Collecting Points. Not using it, is like giving up a Position in top100…:frowning:

I don’t see the big deal. I do the same thing. I burn through all my hero’s hearts. Hate it in faction fights when you’re forced to use three hero’s when you only have two left

It’s all due to his gold skill best way to use Yeager is making his bronze skill level 1 and gold 85 he will boss the PvP !!!

Ty @darknova for the praise lol

Your friend from OWN,


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