Is it me or

Since the January update, did PvP change or something? I’ve been getting alot of these lately.!

I could post more but I think you get my point. Extreme min maxing is now in favor & awarded 3k+ more power now a these days?


I don’t think this is an example of min-maxing, certainly not extreme by any means. The levels and star count are pretty balanced, the plat stripes are pretty rounded out, and the team power is mostly a difference of 5k or less.

Your opponents here are all using ‘meta’ pvp heroes, and those combinations of characters make for teams that are really hard to crack. (I’ve played them before, and I tend to get shmooshed rather quick).

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If it means anything, I’m currently ranked 63 in PvP tourney, but still. 3-5k extra power on Dogface, Halo / Mauler, or Ronin, you’re pretty much dead.

Yes it is just you, no-one else noticed it and did a thread about it…

My matchmaking was fine first half of December. I believe it was that update that messed everything up, well for me that is.

I am not sure what to look for in your screenshots. Looks normal, normal losses. Or?

I’m trying to understand what you want to say. But these are just normal matches, Nothing is wrong here

I’m also not sure what the problem is here.

For the most part, your opponents seem to have mostly same level/star/promotion… Or close enough.

It’s widely accepted that you can get into fights +/- 10% of your power without it being a big thing.

To those who didn’t notice, I think he is trying to point out 10 star mauler with 6 star kobold. I agree you should have got favorable matchup and not your opponent. Also have you even out skill on your team? If not then you are min maxing and your opponent is sandbagging and its a good matchup.

I have ran into many top players sandbagging with ronin, they were punished but not enough to make it a fair chance to win. And please I am not asking for ronin nerf, I am asking for harder punishment for sandbagging.

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I facing this thing a lot lately, it should be more punishment for this

moral of the story… judging from screenshots, the OP sucks at pvp

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