Vip chat not loading

Why my vip chat is not loading after those issues 3-4 days back. I cant sent messages and not recieve too in vip chat. Help

Currently the vip chat is down, it’s getting looked into.

Same here. Guess the game is dead

It’s gonna take awhile sadly… at least the game is working haha

VIP is still down and not working

Yep. However apparently it is working for some regions. It’s just a confusing problem for the devs trying to fix it I’m sure.

I still find it odd that it’s been weeks now.
They pump out so many co op raids. But many people rely on vip to search partners. Now, that has become really hard with only global and personal contacts. One could argue to find a trading partner, but in situations like mine times do not always collide, as i have different times i can get online on.

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Yeah it’s BS. VIP is specifically a chat for people that have paid (and in some instances a LOT of money) to be able to chat with other people serious about the game. General chat has been dead for years and without VIP it’s almost impossible to get trade partners. Hopefully we don’t won’t see more skins for sale and special offers until they fix the chat and make the game work right. If anyone buys skins or anything from the store before that happens they’re adding to the problem. No one should spend any money until this is fixed.

I guess the game is officially over. You can’t make excuses for Deca anymore after they took over isnt it two years now? It shouldn’t be this hard now since they know how the coding works

Ahh yes, because you can’t talk to people in one specific in-game chat the game is dead.
L o g i c

They don’t know what’s wrong with the chat, as if they did they would have fixed it by now. Some of vip is actually still working in different regions. They are trying to fix it but its just complicated sadly, I do wish it would be easier to fix, but I guess we’re just going to have to wait a while. I bet we’ll get some compensation for the inconvenience, which would be really nice.

Nononono Ben Shapiro, vip gone, game gone.
Its time to move on and change game.

We could go whaling on RAID: Shadow Legends™

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How long has Deca taken over now since HH and they still can’t figure out the programming? Vip is still down for weeks now