Vip chat cause bug

Hello dude I opened VIP chat but suddenly bug
I looked like failed to send but VIP chat still bug
What should I do please fix it before the next update

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VIPs been down all day for me as well

I don’t know is suddenly VIP frozen bug

Support tried to say it was my connection I’m on Wi-Fi and 4G LTE no problem with my connection was working fine now stuck with the loading loop on screen I also stop getting notifications in game Can send messages in global officers alliance chat but not VIP won’t even load other peoples messages they might be doing work on the system for the update in May but I have no idea Waiting on my Second response from support

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Just ran a PVP battle and VIP work for a couple minutes now it’s back down but was able to exchange messages don’t know if this helps

I know but sudden fails to send bruh

Its not ur connection its been out for everyone since yesterday after bounty , i hate how support always , alwayssssss blame our connection even when the fault is theirs. If its broken , its broken , but atleast admit it .

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OK I mean Wi-Fi must be change router right or force stop the app

Now I sad about stupid VIP chat broken bug freeze

They need to release a statement letting us know that VIP chats down or PVP is having problems instead of trying to blame my connection but I guess it’s OK to know I’m not the only person
for me personally VIP chat and playing his game go hand-in-hand One without the other sucks i VIP chat when things are recharging in game

We are working on getting chat back up and running.

Chat was working for a couple hours now back down again

Our engineers are on top of it.

Appreciate the info good job thx

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