War Coins Exchange Improvement

With an all Platinum roster we are unable to access the crafting menu for silver, gold, and even some platinum gear. It would be helpful to have a click to craft option on each item in the War Coins Exchange rather than having to craft by going to a lower tier hero and in my case I have none at the moment.

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The developers are aware and ths suggestion has been brought up, hopefully this will be implemented soon as some players like yourself have no access to craft all the appropriate gear :slight_smile:

With current HQ bonus (250-300k teams, lol) all this improvements is useless. And very expensive.

You can’t exchange gw rewards for war points, so GW rewards are still useless.

Good job HH


Hi please explain this comment, the cansiters from Gorgon Wakes rewards can be exchanged for war tokens as they are seperate and omplete gear items on their own :slight_smile:

GW Rewards:

Exchange Items:

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Apologies, I got fuel cells and grenades mixed up, however I believe you will find the grenades are actually fragments of other gear pieces and cannot be Individually equipped regardless; so will not be available to sell that is why it does not appear.

You need to craft the gear using GW items in order to sell them, it seems that they’re considered as crafting raw material on their own.

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Now that I understand that it can only be crafted items not fragments it makes sense. But since that’s the case, why not have it to where we can craft the items from the war coin page? Would certainly make things a lot easier.

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Grenades are already complete items and should be included in the War Coin Exchange.

Can you provide an example of who can equip the grenade alone? the only use I can see is for crafting other gear items, it is the same concept with the elemental gear items from solo raids, you may have all the pieces but they need to be crafted to create the item to sell. In regards to a crafting option I would believe the idea has already been passed along and brought up, It would be the finishing touch to the menue showing all the items we can craft but with no button to craft for yet.

No one can equip the grenade alone, only to help craft Canisters (the fragments of which are in Solo Raids).

Actually, I have now noticed that Swords, Throwing Stars, and Throwing Knives don’t show up in the War Coin Exchange, either. Only items that can be equipped to a Hero can be used in the War Coin Exchange. You can equip just a Fuel Cell to a Hero, so it works in the WC Exchange; but you can’t equip just a Sword to a Hero, so that can’t be exchanged.

I still believe that any complete item should be exchangeable.

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This is the same misconception I have, the word “fragment” after some items and the throwing stars I believe you still need multiple of them to craft an item so as a result won’t be able to sell them for coins.

This exchange has really brought up the argument of what is considered gear and what is considered fragments of said gear items. Regardless I’m sure soon a craft option will be available and this will no longer be an issue

I would very much like to see a (excuse me for being needy and getting ahead of myself) revamped coins page that contains a crafting option wherein you can craft multiple items at once, just as you can convert them to points. At this stage the best way I’ve managed is by spending whole minutes repeatedly crafting my green bottles to make bronze ones then spamming bronze to make silver, etc.
Feels like a no brainer.
(Ha ha)

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Any item with the white icon in the middle is a fragment :arrow_down:

Items without said icon are whole items, not fragments :arrow_down:


I’m not sure where all the confusion is coming from…

There are two basic types - Gear and Materials.

Gear is anything your hero can equip. They are finished products ready to contribute to hero power. Perhaps the confusion is arising from the fact that gear fragments exist. Note that these are considered materials since you cannot equip them. They are used to make gear.

Materials are exactly what they sound like; the things that make up finished products (gear). Materials include Swords, Throwing Stars, Throwing Knives, Gear Frags, Batteries, Etc.

In some cases, a piece of gear may also be considered a material. The only examples that come to mind are Fuel Cells and any Gear that requires throwing knives (since this type requires a finished version of the tier below it [plat requires a finished gold piece first, gold requires a finished silver piece, etc]) These two cases deal with something that is equippable but also used to craft higher-tier gear piece.

But the end result is the same - you cannot trade in materials for war coins. Only gear.

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And that is disappointing.

If you could trade useless GW rewards with war coins it would be great not just for players, but for the game itself.

  • Need to do better in AW? Buy boosts with War coins
  • Need war coins? Exchange Items such as Gears and Materials
  • Need Materials? Play GW

See? Suddenly unenjoyable boring Gorgon Wakes become a viable source for who they need more war coins.


This is a good find, never noticed this. Shall make it easuer distinguishing between what can and cannot be converted :slight_smile:

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