Item's and Equipments list

Don’t you guys think we need a box or a collection section, something like this to see what equipments, item’s and gears we have and how much we have?

For example I’m now done with promoting KLG Irregular hero’s.
Now I’m using energy to collect more gold and platinum equipments, but I don’t know which one I have less which one I have so many.

It would be great to have this section, what you think?


I like that idea.

Switching gears (no pun intended): to remedy your current problem, you could check through all the missions with platinum gear (mission 8-6 and onward) and list every platinum item and how many of each item you have. There’s also a crafting guide that lists every gear item and how to craft it.

I have this doc an its pretty useful, thanks to person who created it.

but if there was a section in game it would be better, switching between apps its not fun. you know


What’s up brotha, just stopping by to say Whas hannin. Also your idea sounds really good and the Hothead guys should think about implementing that into the game. Great idea bro. “Great”

During AW you can in that grind-up-equipment place