War is dead!

Alliance war had been one of the excitement to keep many beta players in the game, but sadly is dead!! Although there were all kind of small glitches in the beta testing and the first two seasons, war has created a lot of buzz among hunter community.

However, some idiots started to complain they were surrounded by their HQ, and some idiots decided to “fix” this. Now, war is simply not playable with those insane defense puff.

For any normal mind in any games, attacking force should be the one promoted first. Defense is certainly important but less entertaining.

I don’t know complain too much about those money grabbing perks, as different people might have different opinions, but for me, the defense puff has already killed the fun of war, single handedly.

By the way, don’t bother to ban this account, as this is my first post and will be the last post too.


Heard from Muninn that the defence bonus will be decrease next war.

Yeah the defence bonus is silly, it makes the war v stale with little room on the map for battle. Glad the devs realised their mistake and decided to make right the wrongs.

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Decreased by how much 15% or back to normal. Most people who had their bases surrounded was because lack of active people playing defense. You always ran into the same 6 people from the front lines all the way to back lines. Once you broke the front it was easy. Kick and get active people.

I can confirm Huginn has also said there will be adjustments incoming, so beware and keep your eyes open

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Yup, we should not have any expectations about the changes though. So many times where 1 change is proposed but end up not working as intended during release.

As happy as it is too see an update, lets hope that the patch will run smoothly this time. Fingers crossed. More play tests before release will be good too :slight_smile:


It may not be what appeases everyone but it is a start and proof of yet again the devs listening to feedback, every post gets read and reported so hopefully things will return to a more balanced state. The idea of bonuses is great but it was on too extreme a scale, if it was half or a quarter the percentage it is now it would be more balanced. Aanything above 50% is extreme as it brings 114k teams up to over 150k.

The current problem is people are using randomly put together all gold teams of 5* and 6* and the team power with bonus is over 100k which is mad as it has taken away from the grind of needing to power up. Hopefully it is fixed

Is no one going to say anything about the worst aspect of this all…?



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