Alliance War Season 3 changes

The bonus applied to your sectors near your home base? The insane buff for me and many others has killed the fun in war. Its eat or be eaten. It’s a Dog Eat Dog world once your alliance joins and your given the option to or not. Why do you make it so the buff is so intense its practically unbeatable? I was seeing alot of 180k + teams. And I get it, nobody wants to be the alliance that’s pinned in their home base, I’ve been there before and it sucks. But that’s the art of war. I think the home base buff should be nerfed down to what it was before. It gave people the motive to actually grind to make strong teams and gave the people who DID grind to have strong teams a sense of purpose for using all that gear, time, frags and possibly gold.

And the bonuses? Waaaaaaayyyyy to expensive. Yes alot of us have alot of gear, but 10k war tokens is quite a bit for one bonus. We are all gonna burn through this extra gear extremely fast. Maybe just make the war tokens earned through regular gameplay higher so that we dont necessarily have to burn through 2k points of gear per player per war. Theres still alot of wars left to fight and the gear we complain about has been collected over 1+ years of daily play. War will eat that up in 1 season.

Please give me any and all input on this topic. War is by far the most enjoyable mode to me personally. And I’d love to see it go back to the ruthless mode it was prior


I am ok with the undefeatable tiles near home base IF there were more sectors to fight, ie, bigger, BIGGER, BIGGER map. Since base-taking is out, there needs to be more ground to exercise on.

By day 2 or 3 there was nothing to fight over already, the alliances that were pinned back couldnt get out, and the rest controlling the centre had already marked their turf.

Not a fan of the bonuses either:

  • too expensive for what they are
  • crafting conversion non existent and clunky doing it manually
  • bonuses with RNG elements are either a waste of money or waste of time
  • looks like a prelude to more pay-to-win which I dread

And also overall, shields are just too OP, there is just no counter to shields.


I have mixed opinions about the improvements.

  1. Expensive improvements and pretty sure we will run out of gears.
  2. War Rewards as a month long event is still mediocre.
  3. Better teamwork is rewarded since now its just not about attacking and defense, but also contributing coins.
  4. Insane HQ defense will cut back points of dominant alliances while in map against inactive alliances. Now there is limit to how much you can attack someone. Total War Points now only achievable from center and other HQs are out of question (This totally depends on Map, can be good - can be bad).
  5. Hate new log/activity. But doable.
  6. Still not happy with truce system supported in Wars. There is difference between being tactical and strategic and forming truces is not strategy/war tactic. It can even be more stalemate now than ever now that attacking areas are reduced.

The amount of tokens needed is extremely high, and during war there are many changes making it difficult to select the build needed; which we had spent a large amount on builds that we did not use. We should get the tokens back if we did not build them.
The maps are small by day 2 we have already met most alliances and many attack points are wasted on taking zones unless enough players are on to take the entire sector, leading to several unmotivating aspect, as characters moving during attacking leaving sectors with little Defence untill edditing then the time needed to consecutively move, edit, & add defense teams.
I like War however I think it takes away from the original Hero Hunters content adding too much into war decreasing the focus of other events.
I agree with the points made above concerning season 3 War.


I agree with some of the points above. The cost in war coins for the boosters is too high. In a few wars they will be unaffordable since we will run out of spare gear. And the defence bonuses spread way too far from bases and are far too high. This alone is killing the event since the majority of tiles on the map are now untouchable. A better system would be something like 100% max bonus on the tile closes to base, then dropping by 10% each successive tile further away. So 10 defence bonus zones ranging from 100% down to 10%.

This round of war with the massive bonuses so close to the centre (because the map is so small) is going to be extremely boring. Sorry devs.



I agree that the truces are a neusence to alot of people but that’s war, just like in real war. if you can make allies make them. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, because its unavoidable maybe HH could make it a part of the game mode where it can be more contained. Not sure how they could possibly prevent it from happening, but maybe there is a way

I agree that the truces are a neusence to alot of people but that’s war, just like in real war. if you can make allies make them. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, because its unavoidable maybe HH could make it a part of the game mode where it can be more contained. Not sure how they could possibly prevent it from happening, but maybe there is a way

They should make the maps like 3x bigger. But at the same time that just means they will run into the same issue of alliances being in a stale mate. Bigger map, with the same amount of BP means that its gonna be mostly taking empty sectors occupied by KLG. So whichever alliance can utilize their BP better would win in the long run

I would just really like to see some more balance. I understand they may have made the bonus so high because it forces everyone to the center which could take away the alliances in war factor but it almost gives you more of a reason to start an alliance. It will help you control the center of the map to have people protecting your N,S,E, or W while you kick back and just push in one direction

Mate, holy cow, 100% nailed it imo. I honestly couldn’t agree with you more.
Absolutely BORING now. Zero fun whatsoever.
And on top off all this, I log into my war map after 20 hours and it takes 5 minutes to update the map progress. It’s like every time they develop new content for the game they “forget” to add the supporting framework.
I love new content, but for the love of god stop giving it to us at the cost of real time gameplay.


Yep the lag is real man.

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Maybe they’re trying to gauge player activity when base tiles are at an incredibly high defense? That’s the only thing I can think of, is that it is temporary to see how us players respond to this issue. Almost like, block off an entrance and see how players move on a mass scale.


Anyone enjoying the lag and not the live updates. My players add teams or attacks and I can’t see it. One our sectors is under attack and I can’t see it. Need to close the game and back in again to actually see that the sector is already taken by the enemy. Back to the old routine now.

Yeah the lag has been killing me and all my guys. Idk where the hell that came from but that’s the worst possible thing to happen in a war strategy game is a delayed reaction.

Well one of my members War page is about 70k points BEHIND my page. Meaning hes been delayed by like 16hr. This needs to be reconciled, its ruining all of our potential. @Developers

We’ll be reducing the defensive bonus for the next war.

I expect the cost of these to go down over time, they were priced a little high intentionally as we wanted to gauge players reactions and value for the different HQ Improvements.


I agree there’s even an hq buff that adds 5 percent. Thet buff is so useless since we already get in the 100%s season 2 was very well constructed. New buff kills it. War is a game mode like any other not a handicap for the weak. Hq bonus needs to drop substantially

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@Huginn season 2 was damn near perfect. In my personal opinion, but also in a pretty good chunk of other players opinions as well. War isnt for the weak, they can play in bounty since nobody really cares much for that anymore. War is just an amazing game mode and I love the amount of communication and cooperation its brought to the table. Not just in my alliance but in others as well, ive grown to respect alot of people from this game mode I wouldve otherwise never really talked to


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