Do you want Kurtz?

Hey guys, this is a random thought but remember when they brought back the brogan crate because of popular demand? Well why don’t we ask them to bring back the Kurtz crate? Although we’re getting his frags anyways from the wars, it just seems like it’s taking FOREVER. I think we can all agree that “this is for the greater good” and we would like a second chance to get him from the crate. If enough people spread the word I’m positive the developers will respond hopefully by next month.

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No, I’m pretty sure they want him to be mainly farmed from war and the crate to be a rare occasion. It would lead to a quicker future of Kurtz rollers


I agree with Yosai. Wouldn’t it feel more rewarding if you got him after so long a time of waiting, instead of just pulling him by luck?

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Hence why I suspect Kurtz won’t be in the AW rewards for much longer :stuck_out_tongue:

(btw this is speculation, for some reason people like to believe things without proof :joy: )

I would hope they put a new hero in AW, and still give Kurtz frags as the second hero (like they do for Hideo right now). That way people who missed wars or are in Alliances that don’t do so hot still have a chance at him eventually.

I know quite a few people including myself that only play the war feature in order to attain Kurtz. War already interrupts pvp. If Kurtz frags are removed from war, only a few would play. They should have just made a separate war strategy game.

If you build it he will come…

I think there is a little to much grind for the reward I have been grinding for Kurtz frags playing AW and also trying to get lucky in the custom crate but I don’t think I will ever pull a single frag out of there for Kurtz. I really wish they would have a crate that would give me more of an opportunitie to get him. I also have been grinding for gilded coins to try for Lancer or Commandoand three times I have gotten Surge frags from the chest, figure the odds. Yeah I would be down for a Kurtz crate!

Krutz? Hes Easy to beat. Just get my panzer team…