Welp must be some type of error

Welp this is gonna annoy the OCD in me. Everything is read but I still have the red pip.


Funny this just happened to my game as well :confused:

Been like this all weekend for me lol

As I recall the problem began with the appearance of this notice

Hi guys, Same for me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yup. Same here, sent them a ticket.

Yep it’s that custom crate message. It’s on Apple and Google accts both whether clicking marked read before reading it, or reading it and clicking marked read. No need for a support ticket since it is game wide and a server error.

Everybody post a photo n make it a party! :smile:

Same here. Thought it would go away if I relaunched the game, but I was wrong.

Maybe you guys have some mail…
We’re aware of it, just gotta deal with it for the moment.

I dont see it… maybe it has been fixed?. I would like some frags or gold