What Do Ya'll think about this?

Outdated. Also the person who gave it a one star rating was just a scrub nub who needed to git gucci at pvp.

Indeed, Players like Me,Nham or Rygel can giev out reliable revies due to our time playing this game

Why post this random link?

What a strange site.

It purports to be a site that helps parents/kids make healthy choices in gaming but the reviewer laments, “it never sinks its hooks deep into you enough”, and also sounds disappointed that he wasn’t addicted; “while this game sounds like it has all the right elements to be addictive, it misses the mark.”

Furthermore, the panel for kid reviews says “12+” but the parents panel says “10+”. Assuming these are ages, that’s strike two in the strange zone (rather more sexual than I intended that to sound).
The ‘parent’ review is also written as a first-person gripe vs a review a parent would write about a game their kid plays.

And finally, the rating scale gives it 3 out of 5 green circles for ‘ease of play’–is ‘5’ easy or hard. The other categories it gets low ratings (2 green circles out of 5) are for violence and consumerism–which looks like they’re upset there wasn’t more consumerism or violence.

Review sites are usually terrible and this one does not buck that trend.

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