🏆 review of all heroes 2020

Hello to all hunters! :v: I did a review of all the heroes. this is my opinion. my assessed. I would like to know the opinions of other players.:fist_right::fist_left:


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This is very contradictory to your own posts. You say we don’t need a review or overview of the heroes yet have one yourself? I suspect it’s more of a case you don’t want someone else doing what you did. The devs liked his work and Kolgan does many helpful and useful YouTube videos which many on the discord use.

So I say well done Kolgan, keep up the good works and me and the devs will keep praising the time and effort that goes into it :smiley:


Gale, that is a guide not a preview, also, your so far the only one I’m currently hearing complaining? Why?

Telling someone their work is unnecessary is rude and disrespectful, I am not complaining merely stating the fact that you have something similar and received praise yet want to downplay someone else’s work attempting to do something similar. This video shows Kolgan’s opinion on what he thinks are the good and bad of heroes. I would like to know why you think the time and effort he put into this is unnecessary?


I have already said, there is enough on the forums to search about any hero, plus there’s the game itself, plus there’s discord, also there have been indeed multiple articles about it, also, I am not jealous about this because I have not done anything like it, and for all I can tell buddy, other people like the stuff I post and appreciate it and it’s always you with ‘constructive criticism’ commenting, while on other people their post you praise what they do, what is it with you? Do I do soemthing wrong that annoys you?

Awesome video @KolganKnG!! Great work with the production quality and detailed overview! :grin:

(There’s a few heroes I would offer a different opinion on, but for the most part the assessment is good! It’s all a matter of using what you have in the best way. Again, great work!)


This conversation isn’t about my opinion of you or your posts. But if you wish to make it so then I will explain. Kolgan made it very clear in his post that this is his opinion, he is welcome to discussion and he asks for further opinions on his choices. You have said his opinions aren’t necessary on the forums, the forums are for writing player opinions and questions. By saying his post is not necessary when the forums and discord have other means of information you are essentially saying the forums are useless. I guarantee the same questions and opinions get posted here all the time, following your line of thought the forums are useless because they can just go to discord. I have no personal problem with you, I don’t even know you but you condescending to other people trying to do the same things as you and when I post on your posts I don’t do it to be rude, I do it so you can improve. Just like I do with all other people on the forums, adding to discussion rather than trying to close it is how a community works.

And indeed I am gratefull for your actual constructive criticism, because I take most of those things with me, for this person, I am sorry I commented that, I should not have done it, I wish you the best of luck with it, and gale, I am not jealous of people ‘posting the almost same stuff’ its not and if it was and it was better I would’ve promoted it, not saying they shouldn’t do it

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I deleted my comment, let’s forget this, not talk about it, and let the better comments be seen, not our unnecessary conversation


Agreed. But my comments will remain as this conversation is relevant to how to approach topics on the forums and the correct way to respond. If this topic were a question and it has been asked already recently then the topic of it being unnecessary would hold merit. But when opinion pieces are made and it welcomes discussion on said opinions it should never be quashed by others, always continue discussions never end them.

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Pronk, I like you dude, you have heart, but quit being the forum police.


@KolganKnG Great work dude!!! You have been putting out some quality work lately!


@Vintermyst thank you. I want to know which heroes you don’t agree with? and why? it’s important to me. the opinion of other players is important to me. just maybe I was wrong and missed something.

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@Gale I made this video because a lot of people asked me about it. I help many Russian-speaking players. new, old players. every day about three new players ask me about the characteristics of the heroes. and which heroes to play with them. if I explain this to everyone separately, then I won’t have time to play it myself. therefore, I store interesting and useful information on my channel.

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@Robert_Pronk who are you? I don’t know you. the first time I see. I understand that you have a channel. show it please. if not difficult. I am interested to see.

@Raz thank you) I am always happy to help others) but can I ask who this `` pronk ‘’ is? why is he angry? Am I doing something wrong?

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Focus on the posted video. Thanks.


I love this video it helps a lot. I also shared it with my Crew. They loved it too! And we’re not noobs. Most of us are over 600 days old too. Hahaha :joy::joy:

It is very important for me to still focus on my request. I want to know the opinions of other players. everyone agrees with my opinion?? it can’t be that. :thinking:

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