What Do you guys want to watch?

Hello all , if someone has a YouTube channel of HERO HUNTERS and want to add some good videos. On which topic do you guys want to see videos on? Crate opening, PvP , Campaign Mode or anything else?

Share all your PvP teams sil4nt kill4r. Keep a separate video for each team .

So you want video on pvp ? Plz tell in detail which type of PVP videos u want? Like if u want to learn PVP, how to play pvp , how to use meta teams and how to get success in pvp?

Different team combinations and like the oro and halo one you shared.

Actually there aren’t many good videos on Hero Hunters for new players . Even the basic Elemental Triangle of Bio-Chem , Mechanical and Energy is difficult to understand at the beginning. I would love to see videos of useful team combination for PVP and PVE . Also maybe a video explaining about Heronium farming would be great especially for the new Players. I personally hate the Crate opening videos , however I would like to see variety of videos.


Mostly pvp and campaign for me…i need to know who to level up for campaign and pvp. Also i love seeing the new hero guides too


mostly for beginners… after that,pvps & campaign missions… But,I do prefer to check out mellow’s channel… Everyone hates him in vip chat… I saw that… But, his observations r really helpful… It’s my opinion

Crate opening vedios ? Are there in secret to get better rewards ? I thoughts its all random

No the rewards are not completely random. They are fixed. If you open a crate and get a hero and somehow you could desync from the servers and open the same crate again, you’ll get the same hero.

Lol somehow seems a strong word, the game only desyncs during pops or coops and not on such times when you open a crate.

It gets desync even when your connection is not so good

Hmm…like you mean in our metros in India lol

Heroes reviews plz :slight_smile:

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