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Youtube channels haven’t been famous around here, at least not many good ones, if you guys really want it, I might start a YouTube channel where ill eventually also talk, I have some advanced options with my phone which allows me to add a microphone, so what you all think?


about what do you want to do the videos? Tutorial, N-M H-M, heroes?

Totally up to you. Wasn’t there a guy here that had a channel a while back? His name was like pooglob or something.

If you want to grow and be popular, then balance out.maybe show more missions/lvl and little hero reviews etc.

Poobgloob is no longer active, his last video is from 8/22/18.

there is a German player who posts videos from time to time (only to be seen in the German chat) but I don’t remember his name right now.

There were already some who tried it with an HH YT channel (I just think of “thekiddie”) but failed.

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2.the channel Hero Hunters gameplay used to be very active, now the channel has a different name though. Just look up district 13 playthrough

I would do like entire campaign walkthroughs, hero reviews, my opinions on heroes and gameplay and all that kind of stuff

That’s sounds great buddy, there aren’t many videos of Hero Hunters at present on YouTube. A channel with hero reviews, strategies and information about the game would be really helpful for new players.

This is a great idea, Robert. Having a variety of videos is a great way to go I think.

One thing, I cant edit though

YouTube videos from various channels helped me out with this game when I first installed it, I think a new YouTube channel would be great for new players and even experienced players. One YouTuber called Superfine did very good reviews on heroes and his videos on scavenger hunts were really well done, but he dropped off the game last year unfortunately.

A YouTube channel would be nice but by the time players will get into the game they get ripped off by minion :joy: and they don’t play no more. :joy:

I have my own youtube channel for the scavenger hunt documents purposefully for promotion and helping people have another option to accessing it. Superfine was one of the big hero hunters youtubers back in the day, and we honestly need someone to replace him since he quit. Having someone that made videos for tips, gameplay, etc would be great for the community. Superfine was someone who made videos only for fun, not promotion. Once again, this would be great for the community :slight_smile:


I should promote godlantes channel. you should start talking, giving tis, having some few thousands subscribers, and i can be your helper in pvp.
think aboutit: its going to be great
fame…promotion to ascended go…ok but to be reeal be a yourtuber for life godante

Dooooo it

No Ragrets :metal:t3:

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