What happened to the Weekly Poll for the Community Hero Ideas

Hello everyone.
In a very monotonic way, I know that this is not my usual tone whenever you read the poll every week back then.
It’s been over 3-4 weeks (maybe more) since the poll update, and since then, there were no updates coming from me. College studies, health, and life, they’re all getting in the way for the perfect, hero idea that is made by the people.
It is really hard for me to be active in every way in the game and its activities in general. If I do this weekly poll, I need to lessen my play time, and if I wanted to play more, I can’t really plan ahead for the poll.
As you can see I chose the latter, because I’ve been enjoying the game the same way I did over a year ago.
The problem is, even the amount of time that I play is also decreased because of my health.
That is why the poll will be postponed until further notice.

But I just can’t blame my dilemmas on life itself.
I have to admit, keeping up with ideas for the poll stressed me out at the time. The last poll was all I got left, and I don’t know where to go from there. I was afraid to ask the people in the forum because I thought that nobody would contribute as much as I’d expect. I noticed that the audience died down overtime, and the ideas are getting less… this is also another reason why I stopped updating. It was unfair of me not to post any updates and ask for help in this measly idea that I once pictured as a great oppurtunity for a community to unite. That and the amount of times I didn’t follow my own schedule for the update, it all piled up in my embarassment to go with the idea. And for that, I deeply apologize.

Again, the Community Hero Idea poll will be on hold until further notice.
If you still have any suggestions, leave it in the comments section below. It would be a great help for a jumpstart at the poll.
Happy Hunting everyone.


I don’t have any suggestions or ideas for ya (sadly), but I do think it’s nice that you’re trying to connect the community on these forums, despite your real life struggles trying to keep you down. Good luck to you in college man :+1: