Community Contest Suggestion! (Skin or/and Hero Ideas)

Good day guys.

Finally, i was able to open forum for like 6 months. Wooh.


As you can see the title above. Yes, i suggest about creating a contest for the community where the community can suggests his very own 1 idea. Its either about suggested skin idea or suggested hero idea.

And at some point, the devs can choose the best idea that the community has given and then the winner would be given a chance to implement his idea. I understand there’s no form for this. But in a way how Lappo and vint collab, how about the winner well get into collab also.

Thus, there will be no angry mobs that will keep questioning why you can’t apply their ideas. And the answer is simple: Either they didn’t won or it’s not yet time for the contest. This would create good environment also in HH Community.

What do you think guys? Yay or nay? :sweat_smile:


Welcome back! :wink:

While I think the idea of a community created skin or hero would be kind of neat, I think that the collaboration on heroes with the community should be a extremely exclusive thing. Cpt. Lappo and Vintermyst have put so much work into there concepts for so long, and they deserved it. I personally like it being a 1 time thing (or possibly more).

Skin Contests though I think would be cool. Some more Name That Skin contests would be super cool and interactive for the community I believe. But I’m sure there’s a reason why they haven’t done one in a while. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:


Thanks for your warm welcome @J_A_D_O.

Anyways. Name that skin would be cool also. Its way more better if you see that your skin idea has been applied to a certain hero within the game…

Well, surely, i hope they will think about this so that more community will be encourage to play and of course create more ideas. Who knows, you might get even proud when your idea was chosen. :smile: :blush:


Also, the fan art you made is amazing! :wink:


Thanks again @J_A_D_O

I’m taking a rest for a while. But no worries, more fan arts will come… hihihih


Sign me up. Don’t worry guys - the Godlante gorgon skin is coming soon. :sweat_smile:

or, of course we can’t forget the Trucklante skin either by Neo. :joy:

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A “name that skin” contest may happen in the near future. It’s a possibility. However, we’re not looking for any skin or hero design collaborations at the moment. Those are extremely rare events meant to honor players who have gone beyond the above and beyond. Maybe in the far future, but right now, nothing is being considered.

We do have some fun community-based stuff coming (not necessarily contests) for you to look forward to. More on those when we’re ready!


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