End of the game

the game was already bad but even so they always reported new events, now total silence they don’t post anything useful other than not giving the players a chance…a total lack of RESPECT for all players…END OF GAME

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The devs have already told us the update is pushed back this month, not sure what more you expect from them.

They need time to analyse the game to make changes, no matter how many time you change the wording and keep reposting the same message. The answer will still be the same.


We get it bro, you’re bored. You don’t have to keep complaining on the forums just because you have nothing else to do.

If waiting is too much for you, the uninstall button is free. Come back to the game when it’s convenient for you.


Thank you for your patience, we will pass the feedback to the team till then, keep grinding in your unrealistic world:)

Lol you get a delay for one update for the biggest change in the games history and people declare the end of the game; the end of the world. The update is delayed. Remember when it comes to the framework of a game, you can never copy and paste without problems occurring. Even the lightest change can break everything entirely. It’s a lot easier to break things then it is to fix them.

DECA don’t want to make the same mistakes HHG we’re and release buggy updates month after month with broken heroes, broken skills, broken events and broken servers. Just think to yourself when was the last update where everything worked exactly as intended… a month? Two months? 6 months? More likely a year. DECA don’t want to make these mistakes and over the coming months, you will no doubt begin to see fixes and bugs being focused on. If you are ever looking for more information I’d recommend you join the community discord server, we keep everyone up to date quickest there.


Dear Deca, please take the nerfs off all heroes. Let them free to live up to their full potential. That’s all I want for Christmas.


It’s a transfer from one company to another. They don’t want to just throw out new things that will cause more bugs and issues. A delay on things just to make the transition and game run smoothly, is better than putting things out blindly.

You’re pretty much quick to pull the trigger and assume before things can start. Be patient, do something in the meantime.


What the hell are you rambling about? The update is coming, relax. DECA just obtained the game. HH didnt make it easy for them on their way out. And as we all know, the coding of the game has got to be atrocious. Quit making false assumptions, you sound classless.

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I’m sorry my friend… I criticize yes and I don’t lack respect like you did now saying that I don’t have class. class I have enough for having the courage to criticize mistakes and not support mistakes that’s why the game has always had mistakes and will continue to have mistakes for you guys always support… and speaking of class my young man I’m not part of your family… so have more respect…

there is a difference in constructive criticism vs your blatant claim of “dead game”. Class has nothing to do with courage. As we keep saying, it’s a transition from one company to another while they work on things to have a smooth outcome.

just this thread and the replies given, you lack the respect by shooting them down before they have the chance to rise up.

so have patience before you jump the shark

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This convo getting out of hand. Grow up. All of you. Update will come. Refer to Ghastly’s message as my response.

Ironic from you rob…


Hey Everyone,

I’m a long time player but this is the first I’ve commented in a thread. I just wanted to throw some food for thought out there regarding the transition and update:

DECA is a business who’s main product is extending the life of games. This company appears to be have a global presence in that realm. If they went through the trouble of purchasing this game from HHG then they clearly saw a significant opportunity to get some return on their investment.

At the same time if HHG sold to DECA then there is a high probability that they did not see the same potential in the game if they continued to service the game.

With that being said, we can expect an update that will result in changes to the game, the changes will be for the longevity of the game, it’s in DECAs best interest to release a quality update that adds value so that, lastly: they can make more on the game and stay in business.


You keep talking about respect, class, courage, but looking at your comments, you clearly have some work to do. You’re not the only one, to be fair.

Also, “they don’t post anything useful other than not giving the players a chance”. Gunslinger has made 12 topics between December and now, but sure, let’s just focus on the one post you happened to not like. Let’s pretend that a topic LITERALLY CALLED “Important!”, isn’t important or useful.

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We should treat everyone respectfully, whether it’s a gentleman or an idiot:)

& vagner is right, the game is ended now… It’s time to delete the game vagner, let’s put some efforts towards humanitarian work for the betterment of the society

From what I know regarding this statement it is true, there is currently a backlog of content left by HHG but over the next 6-12 months you will see DECA in house content and changes. Just want to clarify that DECA won’t fix things in one update, I know it sounds obvious but this post shows it’s evidently not. In the next year, HH will hopefully reform and have a resurgence with DECA leading the way, as you said they would not have entered into agreement without seeing the roadmap and the potential


Creating a topic and saying anything meaningful are not necessarily the same thing.

Sure, but that depends on how you define “meaningful”. If it means, “anything regarding news for a game update”, it won’t be every topic Gunslinger made. If it means, “anything regarding news for a game update or information most players would find important“, it still wouldn’t be every topic, but more than the previous definition.

I think I can summarize just about everything that’s been said

Y’all are great, go userbase!
No Update
Chat Suspensions Kept.
Mods Kept
HH screwed us over and all this difficulty is cause of them and they won’t help us now. Waaah.


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