Where is our FanArt?

Sorry for reposting this, but we honestly need more FanArt, as I promised, if we get at least 3 posts of FanArt, I will promise to make some to, also, any suggestions for FanArt is welcome, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

You’re gonna need to stop posting the same things and messages over and over. The spam is unnecessary. If you look around on Discord and the Forums there are plenty of fanart, not everyone will respond to your posts so please stop bumping the same message.


Im not much of an artist myself but I comissioned a few people to do some for me:

Also, theres already a fan art gallery that has pretty much all the stuff already.

Not bad not bad :wink: the more the better, also, that’s three, so I’m gonna work on some to then, got any tips, drawing or using a edit thingy on a computer?

Robert you can’t repost the same thing

jeez its like a wildfire

YEAH sorry my bad, but its litteraly one thing, I post something good finally, like my first post, and it just get ignored and then the only comment are ‘devs cant take concepts from you’ and when I go to other post I see everyone and even developers be like woooow amazing, I just feel like it’s unnoticed

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i mean they wont add it into the game