Who the heck is Kurtz?

Just tell to yourself, don’t you wonder what he looks like? Is he some kind of alien who invading earth? Or maybe he’s a resurreted cyborg Hitler who declare world war 3? Why we never talk about this since we play the game? If he’s a main antagonist I want him to be the most hardest boss we ever fight and can change elemental power randomly. :thinking: :joy:

Valid point buddy - this is who I picture when Kurtz springs to mind…:grinning:


LOL, but I always thinking about Hitler or Stalin with cyborg enhancements in his body when i imagining about kurtz the dictator :thinking: :joy:

That’s what I imagined too XD

Not long afterward, 38-year-old Kurtz applied for the 5th Special Forces Group, which was denied out of hand because his age was too advanced for Special Forces training. Kurtz continued with his ambition and even threatened to quit the armed forces, when finally his wish was granted and he was allowed to take the airborne course. Kurtz graduated in a class where he was nearly twice the age of the other trainees and was accepted into the Special Forces Training, and eventually into the 5th Special Forces Group.[citation needed]

We believe this is Kurtz.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm… those eyes look familiar…

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Did you play Bionic Commando on the NES? In that game you get to blow up a Cyborg Hitler in one of the most explicit NES scenes ever.

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Plot Twist!! Kurtz is a SHE!!!


I found this on hero hunters comments section on Facebook, before June update in friendly challenge video, maybe it’s him.

I hope that is not Kurtz. He doesn’t look intimidating enough to be the mastermind that got all the other characters working under his thumb.

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Isn’t this Caine with a skin?

I think not, because his hero potrait is different than this, and this found by someone before June update, I really doubt that, I think this hero is the July update hero

Unless skins can also change hero element’s, it shouldnt.


@GTSaiko Sharp :joy:

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At the risk of being accused of thread necromancy…

He’s been Operator all this time, Austin! It was Operator all along!

Its Ifrit Yaaarrrr :open_mouth:

Please do not necro threads.