What had motivated Kurtz?

Was it revenge, hatred, something the United Armed Forces did to him or his family or was it for the “greater good”? I made this topic so everyone could tell their opinion on the backstory of the villain.


I actually kind of like this, we sometimes don’t really get the story behind characters that they deserve, i would love this question to be filled!

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I have an important question: what about having community posts, where, if allowed, we make a backstory for the characters, let me know what you think on that!

Well, Kurtz isn’t a villain.

Technically, nobody’s hero or villain. Everybody does what they think is right for them.

But I have a theory that behind this kind of war between Kurtz and Wesson, there’s someone else who’s been pulling the strings the whole time.

Or maybe We are the real villain.


I love it. Great way to finally give a new faction.

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Kurtz is fighting colonel wesson not UAF. Cross 13-10 and you’ll know everything. It don’t want to spoil it for you. And you’ve been fighting for the wrong side since beginning.

Well, I always guessed it, when I saw that the Distrist 14 was the UAF HQ

Revenge - pretty sure Kurtz was part of the UAF, but Wesson kicked him out for whatever reason. Said that sometime after the Prophet boss fight. Ryker noticed the heronium bomb said UAF on it and Wesson lied to him and the team, telling them Kurtz stole the bombs from them.
(I think that’s how it went…)