Winter Holiday Events Have Arrived!

Min’s Danger Simulator

Hey Hunters! The brand new Min’s Danger Simulator (decked the halls out for Christmas) has arrived! Clear challenging waves & unlock limited time Holiday Event Rewards! :sparkles::christmas_tree::floppy_disk:

Winter Holiday Scavenger & Winter Holiday Store

The Winter Scavenger Hunt Event and Holiday Store has also begun! Head into all the Districts to find hidden Presents! Shoot them to collect Holiday Tokens to spend in the Limited Time Holiday Store! :gift:


We are having fun! Thank you!

Great fun to be had.

I’m personnally having a hard time passing wave 35 but i appreciate the challenge.

I have to start wave 31 with a 12-14k deficit according to recommended power.

I’m close to passing through… but it’s damn hard at the moment

Its basically impossible after level 20. Keep hitting a wall, no matter what team combinations I use. The mode was poorly created. At a dificulty that only high level VIPS and can finnish.

Give it a few days, try to build your best team and forge ahead.

For once, we are given a mode where we don’t win it all on the first try. Yes, even the bigger players are struggling. Some at least.

After all, the room is tailored individually to each of us. So i’M pretty sure they must be a way for us to beat it in the end

I heared some 500-700k players complain about it being hard, retry a few times, sometimes it’s bad luck

460k team power. I have beaten L40 but not L45. I, uh, really don’t expect to beat 45; they have all of the really good UAF & Airborne peeps except Butter. I am satisfied. Next event (maybe on Decorated Eggs Day?) I will be bigger and hit harder.

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Love the attitude !!

But keep your hopes up. There are still a lot of days left to try different things !

Heh, yeah I might still do it. But Oracle+Panzer+Gale is three priority targets with boss-level hit points and Wesson and Hivemind buffing them. I would be impressed if I somehow manage to crack that particular nut.

héhé, i’m still stuck at 35 :wink: Just trying to cheer you up.

I’ve mostly run on auto so far. I believe i’ll need to pilot if i want to go through that roadblock

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Try to save the 2 dogface magazines for Nightingale, if you’re lucky you might kill her in a few seconds and maybe deal some damage towards Oracle

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The devs could at least increase the required to kill the boss wave, 1:20 is a ridiculous amount of time!