2019-20 Winter Holiday Scavenger Document!

Happy holidays hunters!

The winter scavenger hunt is about to start and it’s time for the community to team up again to share present locations for everyone, by everyone!

Here’s the document we will be using for the scavenger hunt! Please share the link worldwide so your friends can find the presents too!


And here’s the discord link that leads you to holiday channel! We can post our findings here as well as ask for help. (How to correctly find the well-hidden present or how to beat the last mission etc.)


The rules are the same as previous hunt! The document is in view only mode except for editors who will update the document with your photos and details of present locations posted in 1) in this thread or 2) in the holiday channel!

Good luck finding the presents and have a wonderful holiday season!


Thanks, Nyris. You’re a rockstar as always!


1-2 up and to the right

Posting a picture will help as always, easy to use as a refrence

1-2 normal

1-2 hard to the right, any wave

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3-1 normal

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1-9 hard look left

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1-8 hard straight ahead.

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Anyone else having problems with the doc?

I am about 99% certain that no gifts are in min’s simulation, 1-1 normal, 9-6 normal, gorgon wakes, or pvp.

#2-1-8 Normal - Rear line-look to your left

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#3 -2-4 Normal - Frontline- any stage

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7-7 hard. Use deadline, move right and look mid right. Only visible from wave 1.

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I am the screen is cut off on left side

Important: On browser, switch to desktop view or download the google doc app to see the document clearly.

Which browser do you use Nyris? I use Chrome and can’t find a desktop view (however I haven’t had my coffee yet). Would it be possible to switch the doc to landscape mode instead of portrait? If not - no worries at all. I appreciate all of the work you do in putting these lists together. Thanks

I use chrome too. I fixed the issue of out-of-border content just now and it’s all good. Also thanks!


Dang 7-7 hard? Can’t even beat 7-1 hard lol