Yeager platinum skill

Question for the devs: When is Yeager getting his platinum fixed? Thanks.

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I didn’t know it was broken.
I’ll look into it.

Can you provide some more information? Is it not functioning? Or is it just not as good as you would like it? We won’t know what to look for without context.

the tooltip still stays that the “mach ten” will stack up to 10 times, but the shield doesn’t start recharging until after it disperses. Was it already adjusted and the tooltip wasn’t changed? Did I miss something?

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The replies just show how out of touch they are when it was brought up instantly in the update notes…

I used to like Yeager… used to.

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Come on guys, mach ten was fixed the day after they screwed it up (aka. months ago).
Read the skill again then go play some HH instead of making stuff up just to bash the devs for “being out of touch”.

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