Yeager is still too weak

I bought into Yeager, pushed him through a number of teams in PvP, campaign , raids, etc.

I have found that he adds Nothing! To any team or team combination due to how weak he is. I understand a patch was done for him, but he still a dirty diaper.
-DPS is too low
-easily smoked down even with shield up. Yes the skills are leveled all the way up.
-not a viable target for the enemy so his special aoe is pointless if the rest of the team is already dead. One last small bug bite before dieing? Bleh.
—Hp should be increased with a taunt to generate actual dps

My Yeager is very fine, I don’t know what you’re failing with him. Get a shield up, stack some platinum, wait for archangel - kill’em. Seriously archangel melts anyone in just a few seconds.

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