Your best HH moment of the day

Let’s get one of these threads going. Post your best HH moment of the day! Brag! Tell us about that near-death victory. Anything that made you feel like “yey”. :slight_smile:

My best day was the last tourney. Not cause I did well, but because I opened 2 skin crates and got Combat Medic twice


That IS good!

My best moment of the day is quite similar:

Got a Butter dupe skin which landed me enough Nano Dust to be able to buy the medic skin. I actually almost picked Salvatore instead just because it looks amazing but I hardly ever use him and his new skill isn’t as prominent as Nightingale’s. I’m happy with this.

My favorite moment today was realizing that there was a hero fragment event happening the same day that I was going to hit 600 elemental frags to get dogface to 10*.

So I was finished with every tier of the event about 20 minutes after it started :joy: Plus I now have a 10* Dogface, which is awesome.

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I needed a Gold Dagger and I got one from mission 6-5 in 1 attempt :raised_hands:t3::beers::tada::confetti_ball:


Yes a 10* Dogface is huge! Good source for daily emergency fragments. :slight_smile:

seeing opponent’s Ghoul having a nice “flight” in the tournament.


Just happened… 40 gold and 25 gold in 2 consecutive PVP crates. Not a big huge deal since I do buy gold from time to time… but still a pleasant moment when it happens. :wink:


Who did this to him? Would be awesome if he also set himself on fire before flying away like that.

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The almighty Razorback’s taunt shield. :smiley:

when I finally got her to gold +4. Now gotta work on the plat stuff. But all her skills are at max.

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I got Surge promoted to Platinum.
While the dude himself ain’t anything special the promotion felt good because it was the first hero I promoted from Gold > Platinum without spending a single gold on stamina refills or raid resets. A small achievement in itself as to speak.

This time, dogface takes a flight.
(I honestly don’t know who “launched” him)


Would being a winner for the September update count? I also made some progress with Hard 7. Can’t make it to 3 stars on 7-2

You won Wesson? I envy!


Second day in a row I got the x10 from my daily single bucks exchange.

Look at this joyful dance of Mandrake! I love it.


The fact that this happened to a player named Bug Lord only makes it better, imo.

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Good catch! And here’s a secret. He was spinning like that for more than a minute. It was very hard to aim at him properly.

Did he got revived by Flatline?