Legendary skins... who has em

  • Nightingale
  • Salvatore

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I’ve got both legendary skins now and a few people talked about how lucky I was, so I was just curious to see who else had them.

Maybe add the option 0? :rofl:

Sure lol :rofl: , will do! Had to contact a moderator cause it won’t let me edit the poll on my own for some reason

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I accidently voted because I didn’t know what I was doing! I ain’t got no legendary skin.
But I’ll have enough dust to buy one soon. I think I’m going for Nightingale once it happens.

I’ll probably just have to create new topic, cant edit the poll lol new one will have nightingale, salvatore, both and neither

I just have the Nightingale. With the previous tournament, I got her twice in a skin crate. So I also have 1k nanodust

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ill have enough dust soon but ill wait to see whose next months legendary… just in case its caine lol

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Awesome on ya’ll collecting so much of the dust, yeah caine skin would be awesome especially if they made it a legendary one!

I just want one skin to be a pirate

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I have both skins. I’m not sure the Salvatore one is very good other than for the stat boost. Then again Salvatore himself is a pretty sub par hero.

I have been sinking a lot of Alliance gems into getting skin tokens and have almost all the skins except a few rares now (Clyde, Ronin, Moss, and Phalanx). I guess my good luck with skins makes up for my terrible luck with hero crates?

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Lol maybe so, I have 12 of the 20 skins myself. Both legendary, 2 rare and 8 common.