Your Best/Worst Jokes


We were talking around the office about how great this community is, but we wanted to see how funny you can be as well.

So we come to you with a challenge: Tell us your best/worst jokes, your most devastating puns, or the one-liner that would leave someone rolling on the floor.

Example: When does a joke turn into a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.


No offensive jokes!

Jokes about the game will get you extra points.

Dad jokes will get you extra points

Dad jokes about the game will get you even more extra points

NO OFFENSIVE JOKES!!! (this includes: racist, sexist, crass, homophobic, any phobic)

The winners will get a little something something :wink:
And they will be announced next Wednesday.

Now, show us what you’ve got!

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What’s a 4 letter word for late under compensating but still needed?

Answer: DECA


Singer in the shower is fun, until siren does it.


Spewage’s favorite coffee is DECAfinated fathers in his cup possibleities

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Why does Harbinger has sticky hair?…she uses a honeycomb.


What happens when your stygia eats Fiber? She gets constipated


I took a picture last Christmas of Savage, it’s still printing.


Hardcope asked dogface what’s a natterdaddy dogface replied nothing son go back too sleep.

With great power comes great responsibility ~Stygia~2022~

She clearly doesn’t have the responsibility😂

I have a meme i saw one day. I forgot the creator but here it is:

Now a real joke.
Artemis, Bolt and Dogface go to a range to shoot apples from heads.
Artemis takes turn and shoots it sideways. She aces it right into the apple bell house.
Then bolt takes turn. He aces it too.
Then dogface takes turn. He brags and shoots off both legs from the dummy and it’s head. But now they don’t have a target anymore.
So they call Slurp. Because slurp doesn’t have a hit-box for his head🤣

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Why did Beethoven get rid of his chickens? All they said was, “Bach, Bach, Bach…”


Harbenger and kurtz got together too make serial. That really messed him up when he saw his dad was a rat.

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Where did shank and shiv find there father…

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Haha like this one!:joy::joy:


Siren is not the only one who breaks the glass and building apart when they sing. Talking about the dads around here :wink:


Why did Min get a headache at the art museum?

Awnser: Too many frames.


What do cross and baron have in common father… Nevermind religions can be offensive too one another.

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What do you call guys that lust after Pris and Min in game?

It’s SIMPle really.

40 year old virgin

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What’s the most annoying part too every father’s new hero story… All the portrait updates

What is Dogface’s sons favorite thing for Breakfast?

SERIAL cause of all the FIBER in it.