(#100) New Hero Concept: Marxia - Junk Queen

Element: Mech
Faction: Morlocks
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 5/5

…you maniacal wasters, consumed and thrown away like there’s no tomorrow…
But don’t worry, I’m not angry.
After all, what is useless to you, it’ s a treasure for me…

HDPS - Recycler - Destroyer
The queen is here.
A powerful warrior who constantly destroy and recycles for empowering herself and her weapon.
And if she feels like it, so do her allies

Bronze: Demolition Bullet - Fire a large caliber explosive bullet at the target, but with a 70% chance of missing it.
The bullet explodes on impact generating a violent explosion that destroys or damages all the covers, heavily damaging the target, with the shock wave pushing the other enemies away and reducing their armor by X.

  • even if you miss the target, the shockwave still does damage

Silver: Queen on the Field - Release all her anger by generating a fire nova that ignites both allies and enemies stealing half of their armor, damage and health points to strengthen herself.

  • Shooting and taking damage consumes bonuses.
  • [Queen on the Field] remains active until the end of the game or until bonuses are consumed, but if she get stunned all bonuses are canceled instantly.

Gold: My Treasure - when a cover, drone or turret, enemy or ally is destroyed, the hero gets X armor and X extra health that will be consumed over time to rebuild his cover and that of his ally.

  • [My Treasure] can activate once every 15sec.
  • while the skill is active, the hero becomes immovable

Platinum: Reactive Armour - the hero starts with 30 charges of [Reactive Armour] which protects her from heavy damage skills and critical incoming hits by deflecting damage to enemies.

  • each charge, recharges very slowly over time (1 every 15sec) and recharges at maximum at each round

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a young woman with not very dark skin.
She has fiery red hair with orange hues in a punk hair, she is full of piercings in her face, she has a big scar that divides her face, but she covered it with a tattoo.
She’s wearing a short jacket, a T-shirt, tight pants and shoes.
then has an unconventional armor, has a single reinforced shoulder strap, iron plates that protect the stomach, saves elbows and knees blunt and iron shoes

Her Weapon: “AIOPi” it’s a big anti-tank rifle.
It’s not very accurate or even very fast, but it’s powerful and the reload is surprisingly fast.

shooting rate : 2.90
ammunition capacity : 3
recharge time : 1.4 sec

Other Notes

the attack area of Demolition Bullet is very large, it affects the entire enemy camp and some of the allied camp.
The main explosion covers a radius of 3 covers, while the shockwave expands throughout the field.
Rightly, the force of the shock wave is stronger against enemies closer to the explosion and can also push them away, it expands infinitely but loses strength over time.

Demolition Bullet and Queen On The Field, take a long time to reload, Min with his hacker attack manages to fill only 1/4 of the charger and if Marxia is interrupted you will have to start again with the loading