New Hero Concept - Frost: The Ice Queen

Energetic hero
Faction: Rengers

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

"Do not be fooled by good looks, this girl has the heart of ice."

Through various devices, this girl is able to freeze and slow down the enemy.

Bronze: CryoMine - Throw a mine that explodes freezing the enemy, suffering damage from freezing.
The mine remains in the field for 10 seconds and then disappears.

Silver: Brrrr - Launch a device in the center of the field that slows down the enemy and causes freeze damage for 12 seconds.

Gold: Ice Shield - Generates a shield that protects the weakest heroes of her.

Platinum: Winter Fury - If an enemy dies for freezing, she receives a percentage of life equal to fatal damage.
If she has already max life, her skills recharge faster.

Appearance: she is a beautiful girl with white hair gathered behind her in a ponytail, she has a pair of lightly framed glasses, she wears a light blue jacket with ivory hair (similar to Halo), long pants and white boots.

Her weapon is a G36C, medium rate of fire, average damage and average reload speed.

if she is implemented in the game, she will be a 3-star hero.

I was helped by Albertolm33 (does not have the account on the forum), the google translator (although I had to change the text very often) and the community that has unintentionally helped me to understand how to open a topic

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This concept has been suggested alot of times.

I think you should Let it Go.

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in my defense I can say that I created this account 7 hours ago and I did not know this thing

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it happens. you could always do a forum search. many times the topic already exists or was already made in the past.

for example, i made a cryo hero suggestion months ago :man_shrugging:

There are so many hero suggestions it would be hard to keep track of what has been suggested and what hasn’t.
Keep on suggesting them, we love to see them :smiley: