New Hero Concept, New Hero Combo

Idea for a new hero concept

HP 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 5/5


She is very small, backline, barely visible behind cover, she is a thin and small female with black hair that doesn’t go further than her neck, she is very weak as of defense as of atack as not being able to hold big guns, using a weak automatic pistol that doesn’t give recoil
Bronze -iron lungs-. Emits a loud yell that disorients all enemy targets, and regenerates xxx amount of hp per second to all allied heroes for 6 seconds

Silver- helping hand-. Boosts team morale by increasing all allies damage by 20 percent and gains xxx hp for 8 seconds

Gold-good friendships-. Whenever this hero dies, the weakest ally enrages themselves, increasing damage by 50 percent, decreasing ability cooldown by 50 percent for 10 seconds, after this effect the affected allied hero will gain 100% of the max hp this hero has for 20 seconds

Platinum-second chance-. If the amount of health that the hero affected by the gold skill has not been depleted before the 20 seconds, this hero will revive herself. Also, whenever the weakest allied hero falls below 50 percent hp this hero will taunt

This hero can be revived multiple times by this but will respawn with less more hp every time

Her weapon is a small 9mm pistol build in a body that makes it automatic, looking a bit like this

This concept is still under work and I will take any advice, pm me on HH my name is PRISMELLOW, I also need a name for her, she can be referred to a movie character called Alita


Increase all damage by 20% is a really big boost… maybe rethink that